Earlier Projects


I started to actively contribute to the Debian

project in spring of 2005. I worked as a maintainer of the log4cxx, LinCVS/CrossVC, QCad, Synopsis, Subcommander and libtest-unit-perl packages. No work is currently done on Debian, mainly due to time constraints.


In early 2005 I was looking for a logging framework for C++ which is similar to log4j. I found the log4j port, log4cxx, from the Apache software foundation and became a committer some months later. No work is currently done on this project, mainly due to time constraints.

PC based memory oscilloscope

This is a project I realized during my studies as a semester work. No work is currently done on it. Some time it is planned to provide more information about the project here.

Portable, Java-like class library for C++

The goal is to create a library to use with C++, with some techniques learned form Java. Its main use is to implement reliable server applications. The library implements concepts like a stack trace mechanism, a generic pointer template including reference counted garbage collection, thread support, support for the serial line and much more. It currently compiles on WIN32 and on Linux. The next goal is to improve the build process so that I can make the library available to whoever wants to use it.

No further work is currently done on this project – the Qt framework meanwhile provides everything which is needed for any kind of portable C++ application.