Personal Information

I started getting involved in the world of computers in 1987, when I got a Commodore C128, which I used to learn BASIC. Since the programs were always very slow, I soon moved to the Commodore’s assembly language. I later moved on learn Pascal using Turbo Pascal 3.0 in the C128’s CP/M mode. Three years later I switched to the PC world, where I continued to write programs in Pascal, then moved to C, learned some x86 assembly and moved to C++.
In 1993, I started to study computer science at the Fachhochschule Karlsruhe – Hochschule für Technik. During my studies, I also worked as freelancer in the following areas:

  • Unix system administration
  • Microcontroller programing (the famous 8032 familiy, more precisely the 80C552, and the PIC-family
  • Software development for MacOS, Windows NT and Unix (C, C++)

I also started the HP Officejet for linux – project together with two other people during that time.

After I had finished my studies, I started to work as software engineer at Eigner+Partner in Karlsruhe, which was later acquired by Agile Software Corporation. My first project was to work within the iViP project (“integrierte virtuelle Produktentstehung”), a research project sponsored by the german Ministry for Research and Education (BMBF). There, I got in contact with the CORBA architecture, especially with the PDM Enablers specification by the Object Management Group. After this initial project, my main assignment was to develop both server side (business logic) and client side (user interface) modules for Agile’s distributed PLM system, using C, C++, Corba, Java, XML and ORACLE database systems.

In 2007, Agile has been acquired by Oracle, where I am now doing project management and coordinating globally distributed development teams. I am also the security analyst for one of the product lines.

Please visit my curriculum (german only) if you would like to know more about my past and current duties, or visit my other profiles on the Web: