Month: July 2005

log4cxx 0.9.7 now in Debian

It’s been somewhat delayed due to the ftp-master outage, but finally the Debian packages for log4cxx 0.9.7 which I created made their way into the Debian archive 🙂 Thanks to Martin F. Krafft for his great support during my first steps in creating a Debian package and for sponsoring me. Since the packages are now in the official Debian archive, I will remove them from

OpenOffice beta version installation on Debian

I just installed the latest OpenOffice beta version on my Debian machine. First, I tried to convert the RPM packages distributed on the OpenOffice site with “fakeroot alien \*.rpm”, which first worked flawless but failed when trying to start any of the OpenOffice applications (“The component Manager is not available”). Then, I found Debian packages at which I had to install with “dpkg -i –force-architecture \*.deb” because they use “intel” as architecture for whatever reason. But, now, the OpenOffice applications start up successfully 🙂