OpenOffice beta version installation on Debian

I just installed the latest OpenOffice beta version on my Debian machine. First, I tried to convert the RPM packages distributed on the OpenOffice site with “fakeroot alien \*.rpm”, which first worked flawless but failed when trying to start any of the OpenOffice applications (“The component Manager is not available”). Then, I found Debian packages at which I had to install with “dpkg -i –force-architecture \*.deb” because they use “intel” as architecture for whatever reason. But, now, the OpenOffice applications start up successfully 🙂

The mobile network

When I took my laptop to different locations within our company building I always had to reconfigure the network, or shut it down and boot it back up at the new location. Then, I found this little daemon at which waits for link down and link up status changes on a network device and can execute any actions on these events. On Debian, a simple “apt-get install ifplugd” was sufficient so that the laptop now reconfigures the network device when the link has gone down and comes up again.

News system

Finally, the news are now stored in a database and fetched when this page is accessed. No need to edit HTML anymore 🙂