Installing “old” software

At least on Debian, its easy: simply use in the sources.list configuration file, like

deb sarge main contrib non-free deb-src sarge main contrib non-free

and you have access to old Debian releases, even when they are not officially maintained anymore.

Subversion plugin for Eclipse

After installing Eclipse 3.4 (from – the version in the intrepid repository is still 3.2.2), I also wanted to install the subversion plugin. However, after I installed the plugin through the eclipse software update manager, each subversion operation showed the message “unable to load default svn client”. Searching google for this message gave some hints to add

-Djava.library.path=/usr/share/java/ -Djava.library.path=/usr/lib/jni/
to eclipse.ini. Still, this was not sufficient – it is of course also necessary to install the appropriate libraries. These are contained in the package libsvn-java. After also installing this package, the subversion plugin is now working.

Spam Wave

It already happened now and then that my blog was hit by spam. The mechanism seems to be brain dead: follow all available urls and scan the retreived document for forms; fill the input fields with stuff like “viagra”, “casino” etc. and submitt the form. So far it was at least annoying, but since comments and trackbacks need to be approved I could remove the spam with a single mouse click.
Today, however, I received about 240 trackback notification mails in about four hours. So, I took the opportunity, upgraded to the latest serendipity version and also modified all available articles to not allow comments and trackbacks anymore. Thats it, spammers!

California Business trip, day 9

Meetings from morning to afternoon. Finished at about 4.30pm. We then went back to the hotel, starting to prepare our departure tomorrow. Then we went to a Mall nearby for Dinner. The plane starts at about 8.45 tomorrow, so we need to leave the hotel at about 6.00. Therefore I will end my California Business trip blog series now and go to bed 🙂