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Windows Clipboard Inspector

Posted on Tuesday, June 09 2015 at 12:38 (Age: 5 yrs) | Category: News

When working on copy&paste features, it is useful to be able to inspect the current contents of the Clipboard. Unfortunately, at least Windows 7 does not include a clipboard viewer which shows the current clipboard data in all available formats, but Free Clipboard Viewer seems to do the trick. It automatically updates whenever new content is copied into the clipboard and updates the list of available formats accordingly on the left side, while the content itself is displayed on the right side. The following screen shot shows how the tool displays a part of its own web page after some content has been marked and copied into the clipboard with CTRL-C:


From: Carlynda on Tuesday, July 12 2016 08:38:30

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From: Tallin on Tuesday, July 12 2016 10:04:07

Haljllueah! I needed this-you're my savior.

From: Maisyn on Tuesday, July 12 2016 10:23:20

Superior thinking dettesoramnd above. Thanks!