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Determining the domain home directory of integrated weblogic server

Posted on Thursday, May 21 2015 at 08:32 (Age: 6 yrs) | Category: Oracle ADF & JDeveloper

In JDeveloper, the integrated weblogic server creates its runtime domain in a directory like $HOME/.jdeveloper/system12. or $HOME/.jdeveloper/system/

While $HOME and the fixed DefaultDomain are well known, it is not so easy to determine the actual name of the system directory - one could assume that there is only one and use system* as the name, but there could be more than one, especially if more than one JDeveloper version is installed at the same time and each of them had been creating its own WLS domain. What we actually need is to get the JDeveloper version since that is what is used in the system directory name.

Assumed that $JDEV_HOME is the installation directory of the JDeveloper installation for which we would like to get its domain home directory (like /opt/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_Home/jdeveloper), then the file $JDEV_HOME/jdev/bin/ contains the full version number of JDeveloper, which is identical to the version number used in the system directory name:

$ grep VER_FULL $JDEV_HOME/jdev/bin/

To extract the version number, we can use a simple sed script like

$ sed -n 's/^VER_FULL=\([0-9.]*\).*$/\1/p' $JDEV_HOME/jdev/bin/

(we need to make sure not to include the terminating line feed, hence we only collect digits and dots after the =).

Finally we can now generate the complete directoy path to the domain directory:

$ JDEV_VER=`sed -n 's/^VER_FULL=\([0-9.]*\).*$/\1/p' $JDEV_HOME/jdev/bin/`
$ DOMAIN_HOME="${HOME}/.jdeveloper/system${JDEV_VER}/DefaultDomain"
$ ls $DOMAIN_HOME/servers
AdminServerTag  DefaultServer

This can be useful for any kind of automation tasks.


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