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Fixing class layout in MS Visio when using Stereotypes

Posted on Monday, May 12 2014 at 11:02 (Age: 7 yrs) | Category: Software Engineering

There is one annoying thing in MS Visio when using Stereotypes in an UML class diagram: sometimes, the stereotype name is shown on the same line as the class name, where it should really be above the class name:

It is not really reproducable when this happens - sometimes adding attributes or operations fixes the layout, sometimes changing the class name breaks the layout. In any case, this article describes a solution how to fix it: 

  • Choose the text tool and select the class name in the class node.
  • Place the cursor before the class name and press RETURN.


This adds a line feed in front of the class name and makes the stereotype render properly above the class name:


From: Charl on Tuesday, July 12 2016 10:35:52

Hey, good to find soneome who agrees with me. GMTA.